New UIC Standard "Overhead Conductor Rail Requirements"

Project information

  • New UIC Standard "Overhead Conductor Rail Requirements"
  • Project director: Marc Antoni
  • Project manager: Victoria Calleja Duro
  • Status: completed project
  • Project code: 2015/RSF/411

Project description

[version 17.11.2014] The Overhead Conductor Rails (OCR) are in use only since around 30 years and both transport companies and manufactures gathered a lot of experiences in this field.
The OCR will be more and more applied as solutions instead of OCL under restricted space conditions and complex requirements. These are typically tunnels, bridges and service facilities. At the moment there is no standard which covers the special needs of OCR, as it is the case for ordinary catenary system.
The objective of this project is to create a UIC Standards which can fill this gap. The railway operators will thus be able to design and install routes with OCR based on this standard. The benefits will be:

  1. the UIC Standards will be the reference standard for railway operators;
  2. definition of an OCR set of parameter to guarantee safety, reliability and maintainability;
  3. test sets and conditions to qualify OCR components;
  4. aspects of interoperability and OCR can be involved.
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Thursday 1 January 2015