General Contract of Use for Wagons

General Contract of Use for Wagons defines the rules for utilisation of freight wagons.
By becoming a co-signatory, you avoid time consuming bilateral agreements with your current and future partners.

COTIF-CUV obliges wagon keepers and railway undertakings to define rules of utilisation, and GCU is the universal solution YOU need to be compliant with without the need to partake in individual bilateral agreements with all partners involved in your transport chain.

The UIC wagon teams is there to assist you with GCU implementation and to provide you with all the necessary information, namely:

UIC Contact
For any further information please contact: Christoph Gabrisch

GCU Broker

Rail transport involves regular physical and data exchanges between all stakeholders.
GCU Broker makes sure your wagon-related data finds its way from consignor to consignee.

The transport of goods throughout Europe regularly involves several railway undertakings carrying wagons from several wagon keepers. Accompanying the physical handovers, data must also be exchanged between the participants.

For example, when taking over foreign wagons, a railway undertaking wants to know whether the wagon is registered and assigned to an Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), or if the railway undertaking wants to inform the wagon keeper about any en-route damage, or the distance travelled.

Let’s look into the workings of the GCU Broker – the wagon data exchange hub:

  • Enables easy data exchange between numerous databases
  • Allows seamless, smart data transfer without cumbersome administration
  • Offers damage control protocols, vital technical data, as well as mileage information

UIC Contact
For any further information please contact: Christoph Gabrisch

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Wednesday 11 May 2022