WG Pallets

Start: 2018-01-1

End: 2020-12-31

Project code: 2018/FRE/585

Project director: Sandra GEHENOT

Project manager: Jozef FAZIK

In order to ensure the high quality of pallets used for rail transport (necessary for the securing of goods on wagons), care must be taken in the control of the quality of manufacture and the reparations of pallets EUR.
It is also necessary to promote these quality pallets to users and loaders in constant. To insure an permanent increasing of use and production of EUR pallets, there is a requirement to work together firstly with global standardisation companies, (such as GS-1) and, secondly, with research institutes, and recognised logistics universities. Currently the favourite is the GS-1 project, of the MTV (reusable transport packaging) Competence Center and the RTI Interest Group RFID (worldwide leader in the standardisation of standard load carriers with regard to RFID (radio frequency identification). In Germany the carriers of GS-1 are e.g. trade, industry, the VDI (Engineers’ Union) and other promoting companies.

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Monday 1 January 2018