Low cost noise control by optimised rail pad

Project information

  • Acronym: LOWNOISEPAD
  • Low cost noise control by optimised rail pad
  • Project director: Lucie Anderton
  • Project manager: Pinar Yilmazer
  • Status: ongoing project

Project description

With this project, the project participants will individually measure and analyse their existing rail pads on their respective network and will aim to optimise rail pad stiffness confirming its dependence on acoustics-relevant parameters:

  • track decay rates (TDR),
  • rail fastening system,
  • static/dynamic stiffness data including the damping parameters.

Having experiences on rail pad research will help the project’s participants to trigger their internal research for future rail pads on their network.




  • Austria - OBB: Guenter Dinhobl and Bernhard Knoll
  • Belgium – INFRABEL: Juliette Florentin and Sander De Bock
  • France - SNCF: Baldrik Faure and Jean-Philippe Regairaz
  • Germany - DB: Bernd Asmussen, Lennart Moheit, Ruediger Garburg and Christian Frank
  • Italy - FS: Simone Relandini
  • Norway - BANE NOR: Trygve Aasen, Torbjorn Ursin, Celine Chapelier and Thomas Vatn Bjorge
  • Portugal - IP: José Diogo de Vasconcelos Ribeiro
  • Sweden - TRAFIKVERKET: Karin Blidberg, Alf Ekblad, Anders Hammar and Martin Li
  • Switzerland - SBB: Jakob Oertli
  • The Czech Republic - SZCZ: Anna Šiklová
  • The Netherlands - PRORAIL: Nils IJntema
  • The UK - Network Rail: James Wilkes


  • SD&M: Eduard Verhelst

UIC Contact

For any further information please contact: Pınar YILMAZER

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Thursday 18 February 2021
Low cost noise control by optimised rail pad
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