Energy Efficiency Best Practice Workshops (Europe)

Project information

  • Energy Efficiency Best Practice Workshops (Europe)
  • Project director: Jerzy Wisniewski
  • Project manager: Carole Escolan Zeno
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: 2018/ENV/569

Project description

Energy efficiency has a huge potential for cost savings (for most railways a 1% improvement will normally save several million Euros per year) and also represents the most direct way to reduce CO2 emissions and to secure strong environmental performance in support of the UIC-CER Sustainability Strategy. In recent years many successfully concluded projects have delivered promising results for energy efficiency (Railenergy, CleanER-D, Energy consumption, Parked Trains, MERLIN, etc.) and other important ones are ongoing (e.g. Shift2Rail).

What is in many cases lacking is practical implementation and optimisation in the field. This project will develop best practices for energy efficiency through a series of workshops. These workshops bring together experts from Railway Undertakings, Infrastructure Managers and manufacturers to share experience, find solutions and overcome obstacles.

This project continues a series of very successful and well attended energy workshops over the past years. Very positive feedback has been received following previous events. Past workshop topics included: Standards and Guidelines for Energy Efficiency, Energy Recovery, Driver Advisory Systems and Automatic Train Operation, Energy Efficiency in Parked Trains and Refurbishment of Rolling Stock. Attendance is normally between 30 and 50 members plus key stakeholders.

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Monday 1 January 2018