Emergency Brake Valves Performance on ERTMS Lines

Project information

  • Emergency Brake Valves Performance on ERTMS Lines
  • Project director: Marc Antoni
  • Project manager: Sophie Serodon
  • Status: completed project
  • Project code: 2015/RSF/403

Project description

The European Train Control System (ETCS) uses a predefined calculation model to decide when the brakes have to be applied
automatically in order to stop the train before reaching the stop signal.
The emergency brake valves (EBV) used by ETCS to apply the brakes don t have sufficient requirements at the moment to
guarantee that the time needed to apply the brakes is compliant with the calculation model used by ETCS.
The stopping distances might be longer than expected by the ETCS calculation model.
The aim of this project is to avoid problems during the certification of the ETCS system, expensive testing,
over-engineering (e.g. installation of too many emergency brake valves) and operational restrictions.

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Thursday 1 January 2015