CR Research on Railway Development Policy in AP region

Project information

  • CR Research on Railway Development Policy in AP region
  • Project director: Vincent Vu
  • Project manager: Vincent Vu
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: 3RASIRRDPO

Project description

Since the 21st century, the economy, society and transport in the Asia-Pacific region have maintained a good momentum of development. The transport needs of the whole society are expanding day by day, and the demands for diversified, personalized, all-round and multi-level transport services are increasingly strong, imposing new challenges for the transport development. As a popular means of transport, railway has become more and more compatitive in the integrated transport through continuous technological advancement and service innovation. However, in the face of profound changes in market demand and fierce competition with other modes of transport such as highway and civil aviation, each country will deal with the issues on how to further give full play to the advantages of railways in the integrated transport system and the important role in promoting sustainable economic and social development. Therefore, it is necessary to compare and analyze the transport and operation of different modes including railways and the support policies on different modes of transport in some typical Asia-Pacific countries, so as to put forward relevant policy recommendations on how to cope with the fierce competition from other modes of transport in each Asia-Pacific country in the future and on how to give full play to the role of railways as backbone in the integrated transport system.

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Wednesday 1 January 2020