Asset Management Common Method and Template in a GIS implementation

Project information

  • Acronym: AMCMT GIS
  • Asset Management Common Method and Template in a GIS implementation
  • Project director: Marc Antoni
  • Project manager: Airy Magnien
  • Status: ongoing project
  • Project code: 2016/RSF/504

Project description

The objective of this project is to develop a common method and template for describing how critical infrastructure assets perform over their life in service under a range of maintenance and renewal strategies and with varying constraints on track access and costs. The application of this method generates information that has the potential to radically improve core business processes, including the timing of renewal, the selection of assets, the strategic forecasting at route and network level.
Implementing these methods in a GIS solution and to give access to members to a computing atlas with a scenario-player tool is the way to illustrate Asset Management methods to assets in a network vision. This GIS is unique because nobody is able to present an overall and comparative vision allowing strategic reasoning in terms of asset management and capacity planning, etc.

Several ongoing projects (NetIRail, ...), funded by the EC and with UIC participation, provide bits and pieces of functionality in the form of web applications. However these projects will not necessarily be followed up. There is an opportunity to capitalize on these developments, and to deploy a better integrated application on a server dedicated to UIC Members.

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Friday 1 January 2016