Thursday 29 October 2020

Norway: Dedicated customer division created at Bane NOR, with a new Customer Manager

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The new Customer and Market division at Bane NOR has been created to build stronger relationships with railway customers and improve customer satisfaction. Henning Scheel has been appointed Executive Vice President.

Specifically, the Customer and Market division is responsible for following up with passenger train companies and stakeholders in the freight industry, conducting route planning, managing and operating freight terminals and effectively providing information to passengers at stations and in digital channels. The Customer and Market division represents Bane NOR as a whole in its contact with railway customers.

“Our job is to ensure that customers - both the train companies, the freight transporters and ultimately the passengers - are satisfied with us as an infrastructure supplier. We will achieve this first and foremost through close and good customer dialogue and by developing, offering and delivering services that enable customers to run their business efficiently and profitably. We will involve customers in the development of the railway, and we will work well and closely internally in Bane NOR. Customers will experience that we are always there for them and that we work purposefully to make them good”, said Bane NOR’s new Executive Vice President, Henning Scheel.

More goods on track
A further ambition for the new division is to make Bane NOR more commercial and better utilise its revenue potential.

“We must increase our income. As the situation is today, the revenue side does not reflect well enough the actual costs associated with our deliveries. We will increase revenue by pricing our services more correctly and by developing new, attractive services. We will do this in a wise way; among other things, it is important for us that we also contribute to getting more goods on track”, said Henning.

Bane NOR’s new Customer Manager
Henning Scheel previously held the position of Director of Contract and Marketing within Bane NOR’s development division. Before joining Bane NOR in 2017, he worked on large projects at Hydro, REC and Statoil. He has a degree in social sciences and a master’s degree in innovation and international management.

“I am very happy to have Henning in place in Customer and Market. He has played an important role in the design of Bane NOR’s development division and has proven himself to be a very good relationship builder and leader. This will come in handy in the important work of customer orientation. I am sure that Henning will be well received by both employees and customers and welcome him to the group management”, said Bane NOR CEO Gorm Frimannslund.

Reorganisation of Bane NOR
From 1 October, Bane NOR has four divisions, each with its own area of responsibility: railway operations, development projects, real estate activities and customer follow-up.

(Source: Bane NOR)

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New Executive Vice President for Customer and Market, Henning Scheel © Aksel Jermstad/Bane NOR